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Our Approach

We are shifting the focus of transport in Wales to be around people, not providers.

Safety, reliability and passenger experience will be at the heart of the rail service. A better, more integrated public transport system is a key driver in the delivery of the Welsh Government’s national strategy: Prosperity for all.

Better public transport services will result in real benefits for people, including better access to employment opportunities and better integration of services, such as education and health, with the public transport system.

We’re using a sustainable and ethical procurement approach that meets the goals of the Well-being of Future Generations Act and makes the most of every penny invested to provide a long-term future for our communities.

  • We’re working to bring the rail service into line with the regulations for persons of reduced mobility ensuring everyone can benefit from a better service.
  • We are committed to meeting the requirements of the Welsh Language Standards by providing better Welsh Language services.
  • We will improve integration with active travel routes making it easier for people to walk and cycle to and from stations.
  • We are working with bidders to ensure they invest in the skills of their staff and suppliers, many of whom will live and work in Wales and that local people have opportunities for employment.