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Our Approach

We are shifting the focus of transport in Wales to be around people, not providers.

Our sustainable and ethical approach puts people first and contributes to our long-term sustainability.

We know that a better, more integrated public transport system is needed to better connect people and communities, as well as providing better access to business, employment and leisure activities. Our work is delivered in line with Welsh Government policy, underpinning sustainable development and enabling economic growth. In practice, this means that when we’re delivering improvements to the public transport system, we make sure we maximise the wider benefits. 

We’re evidence-based and customer-focused in our decision making, working hard to build and maintain trust with our customers, stakeholders and staff. We’re building our understanding of local and regional needs to ensure we that the work we do has a positive impact now and for future generations.

Ethical Sourcing and Employment Practices

We’re dedicated to creating a network of home-grown talent in Wales that promises to keep our communities thriving.  We work with our suppliers to maximise investment in the skills, development and well-being of their staff and suppliers.

We’re committed to good employment practices through our supply chain to ensure that all workers, at every stage are treated fairly and equally, as outlined in our Modern Slavery Statement. We encourage all our suppliers to follow The Code of Practice on Ethical Employment in Supply Chains.

We’re an advocate for the National Living Wage, a voluntary hourly rate that is set by the Living Wage Foundation based on the cost of living.  Our adoption of The Living Wage rate is to do our part in creating a prosperous, equal and responsible Wales.

Procurement Policy

When we buy goods and services, works and utilities, we do so in a way that achieves value for money and exploits the opportunity to achieve wider benefits for people, the economy and the environment. This approach to sustainable and ethical procurement sets out to meet the guidelines set by the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act.

We’re working closely with community groups, voluntary organisations and social enterprises to ensure that local communities are consulted and involved in transport developments. This includes procurement activity and making better social and community use of stations.

Our Rail Services team is developing a Station Social and Commercial Development Plan which will see the appointment of Community Ambassadors. These Ambassadors will liaise with an expanded network of Community Rail partnerships to further engage with local communities and look at community projects to bring redundant space back in use.

We have worked with the Wales Council for Voluntary Action to ensure the involvement of voluntary and not-for-profit organisations. We’ve held supplier events with Social Business Wales and we’ll ensure future procurement opportunities will be made available now that the new Rail Service has commenced. The programme of station refurbishments and the fit out of our new headquarters in Pontypridd will offer opportunities to create local social, economic, environmental and cultural value.

Supplier Champion

We have appointed a Supplier Champion (www.supplierchampion.wales) to work closely with Business Wales, Construction Futures and Social Business Wales to map out current and potential supply chains. 

Voluntary and not for profit organisations wishing to be part of the supply chain should contact the Supplier Champion, which also helps identify support available for smaller companies.

Future Opportunities

For details of our upcoming contracts, find us on Sell2Wales.