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Active Travel

We recognise the importance of the Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013

We are committed to supporting the Welsh Government’s vision of walking and cycling becoming the preferred ways of getting around over shorter distances for the people of Wales.

As well as providing advice and support to Welsh Government, including assisting in the review of guidance associated with the Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013, we are working with local authorities and other key stakeholders to help deliver an integrated transport network across Wales. We will also be directly enhancing provision for active travel through improved connections to the public transport network by:

  • Investing £194m in station improvements and building at least five new stations;
  • Utilising a £15m fund to make stations more accessible and launching a new app allowing customers requiring assistance to ‘turn up and go’ from April 2020;
  • Ensuring that there is appropriate signage at all stations to promote onward travel by public transport.

Further information on the Welsh Government’s approach to walking and cycling is available here.