Metro Begins

Our journey of transformation has begun

What is Metro? 

Our ambition is to provide a truly multi-modal network that combines rail, road and active travel across Wales and the borders. The Metro will play a fundamental part in us achieving this ambition.

The Metro will create a world-class integrated transport network which offers a safe, clean, reliable and cost-effective public transport system for the people and places of Wales and beyond. 

Putting our customers at the heart of the Metro experience, we’ll create a network with:

  • Reduced journey times
  • Increased services
  • Better accessibility 
  • Inter-modal connectivity
  • Fairer access to work and leisure opportunities for all people across Wales with the same opportunities for work and leisure

What’s happening with the Metro now?

The Metro begins in South Wales, with a new depot in Taff’s Well, Rhondda Cynon Taff. The depot will house our new Metro vehicles, as well as a new Integrated Control Centre (ICC)

What are our future plans?

As well as improving capacity and services across the network, the Metro will offer customers a convenient and reliable ‘turn up and go’ experience across the network.  

South Wales

The South Wales Metro is a multi-modal integrated public transport network which will transform rail and bus services, and active travel across Wales. 
This will include:

  • Investment of £738 million into the valley lines to Treherbert, Aberdare, Merthyr Tydfil, Rhymney and Coryton
  • We’re introducing new Metro vehicles, which will provide a modern service with level boarding by December 2022
  • Over 170km of track will be electrified
  • Track, stations and signalling will all upgraded, including the building of at least five brand new stations
  • As part of the £800 million project, we’re committed to making 99% of all journeys on the Core Valley Lines step free


Our station improvement works at Swansea and Carmarthen stations will deliver: 

  • An increase in quality retail facilities
  • New and improved signage and way-finding
  • Accessible toilets for all passengers 
  • Increased parking facilities, for bicycles and vehicles at Swansea station

From 2019 we’ll be introducing Class 170 trains, which will offer the following benefits:

  • Improved accessibility – including wider doors 
  • Accessible power sockets 
  • Air-conditioned carriages  

The wider doors will allow for quicker loading on and off the trains, helping to ease congestion during peak times.

North Wales

Across the North Wales region, we’ll provide high quality travel opportunities and services to provide all communities with better access to key employment hubs.

From 2024 we’re investing in Shotton and Wrexham General stations to create multi-modal transport interchanges which will provide exciting intercity travelling experiences for all our passengers. 

We’ll be bringing The Class 230 diesel multiple units into service across North Wales. These will be run on a hybrid diesel and battery powered engine, significantly improving air quality and reducing noise pollution.