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South Wales Metro

South Wales Metro will deliver real benefits to passengers, linking communities together and helping to transform the economy.

We're developing a service that is truly 'turn up and go', with better integration with other modes of transport, including buses, and flexible ticketing options.  Travellers will be able to move easily across the south-east Wales region with improved capacity, improved quality and improved passenger information.

The South Wales Metro is an ambitious project linking people and jobs across South East Wales in a fast, efficient and environmentally positive way.  It will provide a fantastic platform to deliver sustainable economic development, in line with the 'Our Valleys, Our Future' initiative, by connecting people, communities and business to employment, services, facilities and markets through reliable, resilient infrastructure.

We have just announced our detailed plans for transforming transport in the South Wales Metro region.

Project updates

– Taffs Well Depot

Transport for Wales is proposing to construct a potential new rolling stock depot on land located at the Garth Works Industrial Estate in Taffs Well, subject to a forthcoming planning application.  The proposed scheme is required in connection with the development of the South Wales Metro Phase 2 Scheme, focusing specifically on the Core Valley Lines.

Transport for Wales is seeking to redevelop the site as a rolling stock depot (Taffs Well Depot) for use by the successful Operator and Development Partner currently being procured as part of the Wales and Borders Rail Service.  Public consultation forms an integral part of the planning process in order for any concerns or issues to be highlighted and resolved.  The planning application documents are available for review under the ‘Documents’ tab located within this page.  Please note that these documents are available in English only.


– Strategic Environmental Assessment for the South Wales Metro

A Strategic Environmental Assessment has been undertaken for the South Wales Metro project.

The Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is a European Union (Directive 2001/42/EC) requirement that seeks to provide a high level of protection to the environment by integrating environmental considerations into the process of preparing certain plans and programmes, in this case for the South Wales Metro.

The SEA is produced with a view to promoting sustainable development, by ensuring that, in accordance with the Directive (2001/42/EC), an environmental assessment is carried out of certain plans and programmes which are likely to have significant effects on the environment. The SEA is available for review under the ‘Documents’ tab of this page. Please note that these documents are available in English only.

The assessment has been carried out based on the proposals and interventions as they are currently understood. It is likely that changes will emerge from the tender process and therefore further updates to the documentation may be required, including the potential for further environmental assessment.

Related documents

Strategic Environmental Assessment

This Strategic Environmental Assessment was conducted to assess the environmental impact of a range of transport options suggested for the development of the South Wales Metro.

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