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Wales and Borders Rail Service

We want the next rail service to change people's views of public transport in Wales and make it the choice that can be relied upon to travel for work, to access services such as education or health services or to enjoy leisure time.

On behalf of the Welsh Government, we have appointed an Operator and Development Partner ('ODP'), KeolisAmey, to work with us to transform the Wales and Borders Rail Service.

It is our intention to create a rail service that benefits the whole of Wales, as well as communities along the border in England. To inform this, we have spent the last year speaking with and listening to the views of passengers, non-passengers and stakeholders, and have used this to develop the outcomes that we expect from the new service.

We are laying the foundations for a culture of collaboration, developing strong working relationships that will continue through the delivery of the service.

As well as operating the Wales and Borders Rail service, the ODP will support us in developing plans for, and subsequently implementing and operating, the South Wales Metro.

We have just announced our detailed plans for the next rail service, which begins in October 2018.

Project updates

– Invitation to Submit Final Tender (ITSFT)

A redacted version of the Invitation to Submit Final Tender (ITSFT) that was issued to bidders for the Wales and Borders Rail Service and South Wales Metro has been published to the ‘Documents’ tab located within this page. Please note that these documents are available in English only.

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Invitation to Submit Final Tender (ITSFT)

The ITSFT sets out our requirements for the Wales and Borders Rail Service and South Wales Metro. It was issued to bidders on 28 September 2017. The ITSFT formally detailed our requirements, provided guidance to bidders on how to respond and outlines how responses were to be evaluated.

Volume 1: ITSFT

Volume 2: Evaluation Model

Volumes 3-12

Volume 13: Response Templates

Volume 14: ODP Grant Agreement

Volume 15: CVL Asset Lease

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